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Dr. Christine Scruggs

I am pleased to be writing this letter about Dr. Chris Scruggs. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is. I breed French Bulldogs and before I learned about Dr. Scruggs I was having all kinds of problems with my breeding program. As most people know French Bulldogs do usually do not breed conventionally. Even though our dogs breed conventional we still had issues. We had people waiting for puppies and it seems like the breeding just was not happening so we panicked. One thing we do not want is to miss out on a breeding when we have clients waiting for puppies. Since Frenchies are brachycephalic they have breathing issues and the added work out can be hard on the male. The other issue is that most of the time Frenchies require a c-section when having their puppies as the heads are too large for the birth canal.

Without projection and ovulation timing it is hard to pin point the due date for the c-section. As we learned it is not 63 days from the breeding date but 63 days from ovulation. If you take the puppies 3 days early you run the risk of under developed lungs and can lose the litter. The only way to accurately tell the due date is with projection and ovulation timing. Dr. Scruggs has helped us with this. She has done AI’s for us when needed and also females that we have studded our males with. Every time Dr. Scruggs has done an AI for us we have had a litter. The progesterone and ovulation timing helps us to know when the best time to breed is to help ensure that we will have a litter. It also gives a due date so that our vet can feel safe to perform the c-section on or about that date.

Before Dr. Scruggs we were at the emergency vets in the middle of the night on several occasions and the outcome was not good. When calling them they would say just let her have them at home or if we brought our dog in they would say just take her home. Well you know as well as I do that we know our dogs best and if we are bring them to the emergency room there is a reason. We would have to insist on bring our dog in or leaving her, not a good feeling. Within an hour’s time they were performing a emergency c-section. We have lost one to two puppies from the litter every time we went to the emergency vets. We have not lost one puppy to date that was born at our vet's office.

With the projection and ovulation timing we can now schedule a c-section that will be safe for both mom and pups. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are to have Dr. Scruggs as part of our breeding program. It is a big relief to know that she is willing to take care of her clients after hours if they have an emergency. I have asked around because of the issue we have had in the past with the emergency hospitals in our area and could not find any vets in the area that are as dedicated as she is and willing to come out after hours. So if you are looking for a qualified and dedicated vet you have found her in Dr. Chris Scruggs.

Sincerely, Tammy Rogers -Frenchies of Mystic

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