Genetic counseling and breeding management

The breeding of purebred dogs and cats has advanced through the years, just like other veterinary disciplines.  While you can still put the dog and the bitch, or the tom and the queen, together and "hope for the best", advances in veterinary medicine allow for more precise breeding and genetic counseling resulting in healthier puppies and kittens for the quality breeder to offer to the public for purchase.

There are over 300 breeds of dogs and over 50 breeds of cats as well as many combinations of breeds and "designer dogs".  At DRAH we recommend breeding for a purpose, such as to improve the conformation of a breed, improve the health of a breed, or for field or performance attributes.  Breeding a litter for the purposes of letting the children see the miracle of birth, or because your dog or cat is such a wonderful pet, or because you want your pet to experience being a mother or father just once, or because your friend or relative wants a free puppy or kitten, while well-intentioned, are the wrong reasons to breed.  There are millions of dogs and cats put to sleep each year, so unless you are breeding for a purpose, please consider adopting a shelter animal first instead of contributing to the over-population of unwanted animals.

That being said, we are more than happy to provide genetic counseling and breeding management advice to breeders as well as advice on how to manage a kennel or cattery for the health and well being of your animals.  As dogs and cats are distinct breeds, each breed has its positive and negative genetic attributes.  At DRAH we will discuss with you any genetic disease your breed may be prone to produce, and to provide genetic testing (including DNA tests, blood tests, x-rays, etc.).  We will discuss how to manage your breeding program to reduce the risk of producing genetic diseases and how to deal with them when they do occur.  Ovulation timing, pregnancy monitoring including ultrasound and x-ray, scheduled and emergency c-sections, and many other services are offered at DRAH for the breeder.  Please visit the "Reproductive Center" page for more information on specific subjects.  We look forward to assisting you in your breeding endeavors.

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